Caro Pepe – Stillness of life


Name: Stillness of life
Maße: 50 x 70 cm
Technik: Acrylics and spray paint on canvas
Jahr: 2021
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Über die Künstlerin:
My name is Caro Pepe, Im an italian / Argentinean painter and muralist, living in Berlin.
In 2010, after several years working in advertising as an art director, in both Buenos Aires and Madrid, I’ve made the decision of working full time in my art, take the so called “leap of faith” and follow my true passion. Since then, I’ve travelled the world painting murals and exhibiting in several cities through out Europe, South America, USA and Asia.
My work is an exploration of the inner world and the complex nature of emotions. I intend to portrait emotions while simultaneously invoking emotion in the viewers. Whether is something I’ve lived, a story that moved me or a random event, everything produces an emotion. I’m interested in the picture of that emotion.
My distinctive “one eyed” women, had become my signature and my way to underline the concept of partiality: how and what a person chooses to see defines his/her perception of reality. How we see the world will eventually translate in how we feel about it.
These are delicate characters carrying a subtle symbolism and are, most of the times, suspended in the absence of backgrounds and time, helping me to portrait the depth of an emotion towards that constructed reality.
My work is about intimacy, a naked heart, a whispered truth.

Über die Kunst:
“Stillness of life” is an original artwork painted with acrylics and spray paint on canvas. It’s a piece that speaks about postponed dreams but with a hint of hope in what the future might bring.