Hello the Mushroom – Freiheit


Name: Freiheit
Maße: 29 x 42 cm
Technik: Mixed media on paper
Jahr: 2021
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Über die Künstlerin:
Hello the Mushroom is an artist from Lisbon, currently based in Oslo, by way of London. Their work can be found on the streets and in galleries in cities all over the world.
The artist is interested in the idea of transforming existing materials, in creating something out of nothing, by utilising objects that would be otherwise discarded or considered surplus. As such, most of the work uses found imagery, mainly printed media.
The work features mostly a personal exploration of subjects such as life, death, and cultural expectations towards women, often in a humorous way.
Hello the Mushroom has exhibited in several galleries around the world, including Saatchi Gallery and Well Hung Gallery in London, UK as well as collaborated on several occasions with the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, UK.

Über die Kunst:
Freedom for everyone is the vision for the future