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Gizem Winter
Fine Art Print
50 x 70 cm
Hahnemühle Torchon (285 g/m²)

Item condition: New

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Gizem Winter

Gizem Winter is a Turkish illustrator living and working in Cologne/ Germany.
She‘s mostly working on Portraits and character illustrations for event/ gig posters,
album covers, editorial illustrations and print design.
(Instagram: gizemwinter | Behance: gizemwinter I Website:


A title for your artwork:

What a Dilemma


A few words about your thoughts on the artwork & song:

Sometimes we focus too much on our own life and our environment so that this becomes the only reality for us.
Somewhere too far away and at the same time too close, other people see a different picture.

I like how nicely the song reflects the contrasts and the dilemma on this journey and how Keno’s insight helps the listener to get away from his / her own world for a while and pay attention to another reality. And i wanted to show the most important highlights of his journey on my artwork with the female character, who can benefit from the high technology yet still has to carry drinking water.