Mandy Finke – Highs and lows


Name: Highs and lows
Maße: 30 x 42 cm
Technik: Risoprint on Paper
Jahr: 2021
Auflage: 12 von 12

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10 vorrätig


Über die Künstlerin:
My name is Mandy Finke. I am originally from Luxembourg and grew up in a very small town in the eastern countryside, close to the German border. After finishing highschool with a focuspoint on drawing, design and arthistory, I moved to Germany to study architecture/interior architecture. I graduated in 2015 with a Masters degree in interior Architecture and moved to Amsterdam that same year, in search of a creative and inspiring city with a thriving design industry.

Über die Kunst:
The artwork is based on the concept of trying to capture my favourite part of going to a football event, the incredible atmosphere in the stadium, created by the audience and supporters. It’s in this weird “bubble”, at a specific time and place, where people from all kinds of different backgrounds, nationalities and ages come together, and create this indescribable communal entity of emotion. It is like being a tiny part of one huge, united being.
Together you go through the highest euphoria, or the lowest of lows, feeling together as one unity… And after the game, you go home, and never see most of these people again.
So with this illustration, I want to point the spotlight to the fans instead of the players, in an attempt to capture the feeling of shared euphoria and the inexplicable feeling of union created by this multi-cultural, random mix of people, where everybody is equal, regardless of their circumstances. Just one tiny gear of the “fan-machine”.