Pia Fleckenstein – The Ladies who killed Hades


Name: The Ladies who killed Hades
Maße: 50 x 70 cm
Technik: Acryl auf Holz
Jahr: 2021
Auflage: 1 von 1

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Über die Künstlerin:
I am a painter, based on a boat in Hamburg. I try to build landscapes, expressed as women. Women being cities, women being ornaments and women being feelings. All the ladies I’m painting are a personification of all my fears, my anxieties, my secret powers, my hopes and my dreams of an utopian world, consisting of color, connectedness and dividuality.

Über die Kunst:
This is a tribe. This is a vision. This is a feeling of togetherness. This is a bond, expressed through colorfulness and dividuality. Those are the ladies who killed Hades.