Rain is Coming

Winning Bid: 200,00 

Joséphine Sagna
Fine Art Print
50 x 70 cm
Hahnemühle Torchon (285 g/m²)

Item condition: New


Joséphine Sagna

Joséphine Sagna is a German-Senegalese artist and designer, born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1989, who is now based between Hamburg and South West France. She incorporates her multi-ethnic identity deep within her artistic creations, centring her work especially around the multi-cultural, Black and female experience in a predominantly white society. Sagna’s art discusses and broaches issues of prejudices, everyday racism, reactions, different points of view, whether from the own eye or the eyes of others, intimacy and self- representation, yet also where Sagna sees herself amidst it all. Her pieces boast of vibrant colours and a vivid expressive style. Even though her painterly approach is rooted in a figurative tradition, she breaks free from any restricting ideas, allowing the abstract to rush into her creative process.

Text by Julia Ashinedu Uti, art historian M.A.


IG: @josephine_sagna


A title for your artwork:

“Rain is coming”

A few words about your thoughts on the artwork & song:

In fact, when I was painting the picture ‘rain is coming’, I heard the song of the same name in an endless loop and just let myself be carried away by the beat and the text of the piece. The result is a rather abstract picture that reflects the mood I was in while painting – I just let it flow. In the form of hinted rain clouds and drops, it also picks up parts of the lyrics.