Sara Morales – blooming chai


Name: blooming chai
Maße: 30 x 40 cm
Technik: watercolor on fine Art Hahnemühle watercolor paper
Jahr: 2021
Auflage: 1 von 1

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Über die Künstlerin:
I‘m a botanical watercolor artist based in Hamburg. About two years ago I started to combine my love for botanical art with my jewish roots and ever since I‘m sending my floral monograms to all over the world.

Über die Kunst:
„Blooming Chai“ 30×40 cm Watercolor on fine Art Hahnemühle watercolor paper. Blooming Chai would love to give back and to thank St Pauli for their work against antisemtism and racism and for being a safe place for my friends and family throughout the years. Chai means life in Hebrew and it’s framed in florals in the colors of St Pauli.