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Fine Art Print
50 x 70 cm
Hahnemühle Torchon (285 g/m²)

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Sudeepti Tucker is an independent artist and illustrator with practices in New Delhi and Bangalore, India. Creating in both analog and digital mediums, her work explores themes of nature, expression and femininity while opening up dialogues about roots, identity and image. In her personal narratives, she explores the complexities of navigating both one’s inner and outer worlds and of the Self, in consonance with nature.

Sudeepti has previously collaborated with brands such as Google, Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Cosmopolitan and The Times of India to name a few. Her paintings have been exhibited at art fairs globally and across the country, most recently at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai and Art Basel, Miami.


A title for your artwork:

A Moment Found is a Moment Felt


A few words about your thoughts on the artwork & song:

When I first heard the song, I felt there was a kind of alarming energy to the music and its message. There is all this nature around us. But we’re distracted by our phones, always busy, caught up in cycles of materialism. Not really looking at each other or the beauty around us. In this scene I’ve drawn a sousaphone player, lost amidst the crowd and his music. And Ditty, his only listener, quietly watching as yet another precious moment goes by without anyone looking up from their screens.