Musivaria – ST. PAULI mosaic


Name: ST. PAULI mosaic
Maße: 70 x 50 cm
Technik: glass venetian enamel tiles (smalto veneziano) and black mortar
Jahr: 2021
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Über die Künstlerin:
Musivaria is a mosaic company established in 1999 in the north of Italy by the two italian mosaic artists Silvia Angeletti and Donatella Garabello.
We are costantly involved in restoring programmes and mosaic projects in Italy and abroad collaborating with artists, architects and archeologists.
In particular, the collaboration with mural artists from the urban and street art world is a costant source of energy and self-improvement in the personal and artistic growth of Silvia and Donatella, bringing the antique technique of mosaic in a contemporary and fresh context.

Über die Kunst:
Mosaic panel with glass vitreous venetian enamels tiles and black mortar on honeycomb aluminum panel. Free modern artistic mosaic technique.